Wednesday, 11 July 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 31 - Recreate your favourite challenge

Honestly I've had so many favourite challenges. So picking one wasn't easy. I think it was tied between Day 2 (Tigger nails), Day 14 (Vintage Roses) and Day 23 (Pokemon). But there were so many others that I loved so it was tough picking. I think the thing that swayed me was that my aunt kindly got me a mustard yellow...

                 (I couldn't help it, I had to cut my nails, and I like this length a lot better)

Winnie the Pooh!!! I recreated the Tigger nails, and by recreating, I created another character on my nails :) It is SO simple compared to the Tigger ones, but something simple can be just as nice. The red for Pooh's t-shirt, I don't normally like the look of eg second and middle finger one colour and the ring and pinky another (do you understand what I''m saying?? :L). But for this I think it works.

Close up of the thumb of my left hand, I'm proud of that, harder than it looks. You have to be very careful with the black pen (or whatever tool you're using). I used white as the base again for the mustard yellow to come out better.

(I don't understand how the colours are so different from one hand to the next, I used the same lighting :/)

And not forgetting my right hand which I am also very proud of. Definitely more difficult but it still looks neat :) (I swear it's just my thumb cuticle that's messed up).

Colours used:
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Mustard Yellow: Topshop - Naked
White: Natural Collection - White and Sally Hansen - French White Tip
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black

Equipment used:

So that's it, the challenge is over. I actually painted my nails everyday for most of it. That probably won't be happening too often anymore. I really enjoyed the challenge, just trying different looks and techniques was SO. MUCH. FUN. (maybe I wasn't that enthusiastic :P). But I think the challenge is a really good thing to try and it does help for manicure ideas ;) This was a fun experiment!! :D