Monday, 9 July 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 30 - Inspired by a tutorial

Also bonus challenge for myself, use the new polishes I got :) In June I told myself I wouldn't buy more nail polish til my birthday in November (I have been bad and have bought quite a lot, no a lot.).  But I had an exception, if I found any polishes on my wishlist, then the 1st rule is forgotten. Obviously I found some colours on my list :L ;)

Weirdly I think I actually had the hardest time coming up with a design for this theme. My mind kept changing and there were virtually no tutorials I wanted to do. Also ones that fit my colour scheme. Really the theme was "Anything you want" and I still was stuck.

But finally I decided on this, and I really like it.

                                        (My nails are too long, being cut after the challenge :))

Funky pink penguins :P I copied a picture as there are so many tutorials for penguin nails. I really like the fuchsia, I got a couple of colours that weren't on my wishlist (I'm bad at this ban :() but they were really inexpensive (£1.45 from The Face Shop and the quality is so so good)!!!! And 20% off if you bought 4, which I had to do. One was my perfect colour so it was totally justified, more on that another time ;) I thought the pink and blue could work for a penguin and they actually did which was the best part.

I was thinking of a design for the plain nails, but the glitter alone sufficed and of course it did. I thought it kind of look like falling snow, which isn't exactly for summer, but the other colours are so bright. It's China Glaze Luxe and Lush from the Hunger Games collection, this has been on my wishlist for a while. I'm a Hunger Games fan (like everyone else) so when I heard there was nail polish for it, I was there. Luxe and Lush automatically appealed to me, so it was that or China Glaze Snow Globe (which is also SO pretty), honestly I was leaning more towards Snow Globe. Since China Glaze is pretty difficult to find in the UK and pretty much impossible where I live, I didn't get it. I didn't want to get it from eBay because eBay frustrates me and in a sense I had given up on this polish. Thank goodness I didn't. It would probably go well on any colour but on the pale blue, it is truly beautiful :3  Full manicure to be done of that. I used 5 coats on my nails. Yes I know 5 coats is ridiculous, but it's very thin and I wanted a decent amount of flakes (or flakies, I'm not used to using that term). I love flakies, I know some people don't like them but I am not in the same party.

Anyway back to the penguins, they're a cute bunch. the bow ties really complete it, out of the penguin designs I thought this was one of the cutest :3

Colours used:
Fuchsia: The Face Shop - PK105
Blue: The Face Shop - BL601
Orange Coral: Essie - Tart Deco
Flaky Glitter: China Glaze - Luxe and Lush
Hot Pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry (not pictured, whoopsies)
White: Natural Collection - White
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black (no name)

Equipment used:


  1. ooooooh! so adorable!!! You really did a great job with them!

  2. Thank you, I thought the colour combination wouldn't work, but in the end I liked it :)