Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Yellow Nails: Rimmel - Sunshine

Hey there, hope you're doing good. I'm still trying to swatch all my polishes and again we're getting closer and closer. I have about 2 more to go, that's close right? Then I can paint my nails whatever colour with accents to my heart's content instead of going with the whims of the to-swatch pile. This was one of the polishes I was flagging on cause the bottle almost empty so this is not the best swatch. The formula is surely much better but since there's so little polish left I really struggled.

Sunshine is a bright yellow creme, there's not much else to be said. I suppose there's a very subtle shimmer as well but subtle is the word. This is your standard bright yellow creme, I tend to use it for nail art cause it's a good shade except maybe not anymore cause I think this swatch used up whatever was left in the bottle.

I got this polish 8 years ago, isn't that crazy?? And like considering it wasn't that gloopy. It was the last day of primary school and I think yellow was my favourite colour at the time (how things change). Now I think yellow is hard to pull off however in school they were saying how I rocked it and I was totally amped haha. I'm pretty sure this polish is still in stock, it's kind of your generic yellow with a generic name, which isn't a bad thing. Rimmel is a good brand.

This was the hardest swatch I've ever had to do, I know it doesn't look all that great but considering the circumstances I think it's pretty solid. By the way the formula was totally fine when I initially had it but as I've said the bottle is now basically empty. Each coat was a struggle cause I couldn't get any polish out haha. So my review probably isn't the most accurate :/ Ignoring that, the polish was definitely buildable and here was 3 coats and it's almost full opacity, not helped by the half coats I had to do. But yellow polish tends to be more sheer in general and this is not a bad one. Topcoat helped to smooth this out but not completely, like it took a long time to get this swatch even half decent haha.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)

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