Thursday 31 December 2015

Red Nails; Seventeen - Dark Heart

Hi there you lot, I have a swatch today. As I say, there are only so many red polishes you need i.e. one. But My mind has been slowly swaying, like I love light orangey tone reds. But today's polish is your run-of-the-mill red, but everyone should have one. It's a nail art staple and sometimes you want to be classy. The shade is slightly different from my other reds but when it comes to red I think it makes no difference. I hope you guys have a good safe New Year's Eve, I'll probably be staying at home and despairing at how soon school is coming, trust me I'm despairing. Why are holidays never long enough???

To be honest it does look nice, I think red suits me much better than other colours but Dark Heart is still just a red creme polish. Do you agree? Do you think when you have one red you have them all?

I think Dark Heart is an interesting name for a polish that isn't a dark red, that's what I'd expect at least. But I still think Seventeen are doing a very good job with all their polishes.

The formula was very good, 2 coats and I'm pretty sure it was completely opaque and it was easy to apply. That's a better formula than some of my other reds so kudos. Lol I don't know what kudos means.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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