Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Cut-out herringbone green ombré nails

Hello there!! I apologise if in future posts the state of my cuticles goes majorly downhill. My cuticles and the winter don't go together, my cuticles seriously protest. Anyway I have nail art as herringbone is really cool. It's been a while since I've had an ombre here too (though that more because I'm not the biggest fan) but the outcome is this crazy design.

I was meant to have a colour scheme but then it didn't happen and I should've had one. Also the colours you're seeing on my thumb is the result of some weird as chemical reactions. Forgot that Rimmel Block Your Green! reacts weirdly with other polishes since I haven't used it in a while. The colours on my thumb were actually blue, pinky purple and purple. Who knows what happened?
I went for a rainbow thing on my other nails and I quite like it. Though the green was not a good base. should've ombred the whole thing at that rate. So I left out the herringbone gaps and I really like it. No regrets about the glitter.

So as usual this was all freehand, I had no way of judging the spaces but I think I did pretty good with the spacing and straightness of lines. So toothpick and trapeziums.

Green ombre (lightest to darkest): Barry M - Pole Position, Barry M - Mint Green, Barry M - Greenberry, Barry M - Kiwi and Rimmel - Block Your Green! (the culprit)
Glitter: Revlon - Belle (the other culprit) and Rimmel - Disco Ball
Thumb (left to right): Barry M - Malibu, Orly - Frolic and Illamasqua - Jo'Mina
Index: Barry M - Miami, OPI - Charged Up Cherry and M&S - Sun Glow
Middle: Rimmel - It's a Scorcher!, Essie - Fear Or Desire and Rimmel - Bee A Honey
Ring: Barry M - Guava, H&M - Blue My Mind and Barry M - Berry Ice Cream
Pinky: Orly - Frolic (cause you wouldn't be able to tell it's the middle colour on my thumb) and OPI - Plum & Get It

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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